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About Boltflow: Navigating Hyper-Growth with No-Code

Isn’t it amazing that Google Sheets is the most used tool by Uber’s Ops teams? Or that Shopify’s team relies on Airtable for their daily operations? Even the companies boasting the biggest and sharpest product/IT teams resort to no-code technology to streamline their processes.

We are Boltflow, a compact team hailing from hyper-growth startups, with almost a decade of experience in harnessing no-code tools to automate processes. Our deep-seated expertise in Operations, Marketing, and Product has ideally positioned us to assist early-stage startups and SMBs.

We thrive on laying the proper foundations that set teams up for hyper-growth. This is only achievable with a correctly structured dataset and by automating processes and workflows to the maximum extent possible.

Boltflow is growing, and we’re on the hunt for no-code experts with a solid track record. If you’re interested in joining our dynamic team, please send us your resume at careers@boltflow.io

Meet the team
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Gaston Viau

Ex-Uber, 3X Founder.  Operations Automation expert. Airtable & OpenAI evangelist.

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Matias Trebino Nixon

Ex-Uber. Sr. backend developer converted to the no-code religion. Savvy operations minded Data Analyst.

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Javier Goyret

Microsoft Sr. Product Manager. Duke MBA. Mailchimp & Asana ninja user. Finances & Product Expert.

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Alesio Monino

YC Alumni (HOKALI). Process Automation Expert. Google Scripts, Integromat & Zapier Ninja.

Olivia Bennett

Ex-Pinterest & Intuit. Growth expert with a solid track record. Webflow , Bubble & Retool evangelist.

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Francisco Brendstrup

YC Alumni (HOKALI). Process Automation Expert. Google Scripts, Integromat & Zapier Ninja.

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